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- What our guests are saying

"We had a wonderful time, the wildlife is amazing, the apartment adorable and the food delicious. Thankyou so much Malcolm and Peter for such a delightful and relaxing trip to Kangaroo Island."
Josh, Kathy and Rachel - New York

"Elegant, enlightening and delicious. Three days of discovery we will never forget. This was one of the great experiences for a couple of people who have experienced some amazing ones. Thanks so much."
Lee and Sue - Minneapolis

"Thank you both so much for making our stay in KI so special . . We'll recommend The Lookout for anyone who's planning a visit to KI."
Taku and Naoko, Japan

"Cuisine fit for a King! Comfy beds to match! Great hosts, perfect gentlemen. Thanks to you both.. "
Bob and Katrina, Western Australia

"Thankyou for the stay in such a lovely setting at a perfectly chosen spot. Congratulations for what you did with the house and gardens."
Diana and Peter - Kronberg, Germany.

"It has been the nicest place during our trip and I hope that it will continue like this. Thanks for this great experience."
Monika and Sandra, Florsheim, Germany

"Tip No. 6 to a successful marriage: Celebrate your anniversary in a special way every year. On this our 20th anniversary The Lookout is indeed special. Thankyou."
Jill and Greg - Adelaide.

These comments are from previous owners clients but we hope to keep up the great standards